On account of Komachi not knowing on Witches, the lady view of what Ayaka’s relationship to Honoka try can feel overstated

Kasumi is actually Honoka’s young cousin. Because of Kasumi’s most clingy, protective character more than Honoka, she and you may Ayaka are continuously entering fights in one function or some other. She will tolerate Kasumi’s grievances otherwise tantrums, however, she would not hesitate to struggle or discipline Kasumi will be this lady tips escape hands. However, she admits in order to Honoka you to she admires Kasumi’s sincerity within her attitude and you may procedures. She has recognized Kasumi just like the household members, getting in touch with this lady “my beloved little cousin-in-law”, although play with try ironic because she was clearly crazy with Kasumi’s antics from Honoka.

Medusa [ ]

In the beginning, she is actually an opponent who is after Honoka. After the girl beat (at the hands of Evermillion then Ayaka, in the same come across) in order to keep the knowledge of Evermillions’ unsealing a key regarding Kazane, she allows Ayaka to hide the girl along with her four underlings inside the Honoka’s household, also agreeing so you’re able to blend this lady fuel having Ayaka having fun with Fruit away from Dissension.

Komachi Takamiya [ ]

Komachi, that have offered to Ayaka becoming Honoka’s authoritative bride-to-be, is quite supportive of Ayaka that’s over willing to allow her to are now living in the girl household. Nevertheless, she tend to attempts to pair the two upwards, making them alone in the house if not persuading Ayaka in order to don a nurse consistent. Ayaka subsequently is quite polite to help you Komachi, usually enabling create cleaning otherwise cooking. She even calls Komachi her mommy-in-legislation.

Kanae Hozuki [ ]

Kanae and you will Touko may be the caretakers regarding Ayaka in the secondary school. They assisted their to activate that have community. She’s almost like a manager so you can Ayaka for Sparks escort reviews the middle school. She is person in Ayaka Kagari individual coverage party.

Touko Hio [ ]

Kanae and Touko will be caretakers off Ayaka for the middle school. It aided the girl to interact having people. She are new scholar council vice-chairman up to Honoka replaced this lady. Next, she turned vice-vp. She never concerns Ayaka truly.

Energies and you can Abilities [ ]

Ayaka are a flames witch. She can affect and build flame with only a concept, even having the ability to alter into fire, whilst the girl muscles itself is made from flames. Her strength increases significantly more therefore if she taps toward Honoka’s strength. She can additionally use good broom to possess traveling because normal witches carry out. That it element make the woman a become also known as an effective “Ignition Magician” ( ???? , “Ignition Magician” ) otherwise “Flames Beginning” ( ?????????? , “Fire Starter” ) .

Physical Energy and Results: As the students, she actually is most smart and has best grades. This woman is plus inside height health, with zero problems undertaking demanding exercise for longer attacks off big date. Because of training out of the lady mommy this woman is ready defeating a great Tower Witch no matter if unarmed. She is very strong (perhaps among most powerful witches regarding working area), in a position to take-down opponents 20 to help you 50 minutes her size (due to the studies the woman mommy provided so you can her since teens, assaulting icon crazy monsters), lifting one or two Tower Witches and throwing him or her each other into the roof without effort (regardless of the 2 Tower Witches in Witch-Function, causing them to light during the pounds, cracking from threshold try a separate condition), shedding of great levels (perhaps 400 feet) of one’s heavens and you may landed for the solid floor and you may gets up versus an abrasion, and you may easily wakes right up away from 3 large games tranquilizers, to which Kasumi Takamiya stated that create keep the girl down getting 3 days, although she isn’t really within the witch setting, she actually is seen holding Honoka Takamiya and no signs of trouble at all. Regarding the manga, no effort whatsoever, she simply punches a great volleyball all the way through the web based and you can truly to Rinon’s face, knocking the lady out unconscious during a game title away from volleyball. There are also certain moments for which Ayaka in fact breaks as a result of a good wall surface immediately following. Not familiar to the level researching in order to her mom or Evermillion, when it comes to actual fuel, Ayaka is likely among the many most powerful witches throughout the collection, she in addition to displays eg incredible power whenever she pulls out a good higher tree (over 60 ft significant) off of the sources without even playing with wonders or Overdrive function, and you may she will continue to take action the whole day and you will suggests no manifestation of fatigue otherwise death of opportunity.